The BEST Chrome Extensions you MUST have


Google Cast

Send content to your Chromecast and other devices that support Google Cast. The Google Cast extension enables you to find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser.

Fillr Autofill for Chrome

Titled 'the world's most intelligent autofill', they say it's so good, it will change the way you transact online forever... We gave it a whirl and you know what, they're right.


LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Evernote Web Clipper

Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.

Awesome Screen Shot

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate screenshot, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share.

Hover Zoom

Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

Panic Button

Hide all your tabs at once with one single button and restore them later. PanicButton makes it easier for you to hide all of your tabs at once just by clicking on a button. They are then saved as bookmarks in a separate folder. Afterwards, the PanicButton turns green and shows you how many tabs are currently hidden.


Too long didn't read? Let TLDR shorten it. TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read)  Plugin is a free extension that creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page.


Quickly access the downloads window by clicking the icon instead of taking the "long way" (Tools/Downloads).

Google Chrome to Phone Extension

Google Chrome to Phone Extension enables you to send links and other information from Chrome to your Android device.

IE Tab for Chrome

Display web pages using IE within Chrome. Supports ActiveX controls, Sharepoint, ICBC, alipay. A "Top 10" extension since 2009!

Google Mail Checker

Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

Pop! - Control your data

Pop! Browser Extension. Control Your Data. Pop! is the fastest, most efficient and most secure way to SEND and RECEIVE your data.

Hacker Vision

Apply a high-contrast Dark theme to ALL websites - Save your eyes with a dark background and light-colored text.

Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar™

Save events from webpages or create custom ones with a couple clicks. Set and share reminders — all without leaving the page.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome™

The easiest way to share & bookmark great content from anywhere on the web with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & 200+ other services. helps you remember everything you have to do. Millions of users already use our smartphone app to help them realize their potential and have a good day, every day. We've brought many of the same award-winning features and functionalities to our new Chrome extension so you can have that same productivity in Chrome and realize your potential for getting things done.

Notable PDF - Best Viewer and Annotation

Best PDF Viewer and Annotation for your browser. Do more with your PDF files. Notable PDF is your all in one PDF reader, viewer and annotation tool.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome™

Discover webpages similar to the page you're currently browsing. Discover webpages similar to the page you're currently browsing. Enjoying the page you're looking at and interested in other similar pages? Trying to find more pages about a topic you're researching, but having a hard time coming up with the right query on Google? Google Similar Pages can help!


User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher is a quick and easy way to switch between user-agents. Just right click on any page and select your user-agent. This Chrome extension adds a toolbar button and a menu to switch between user-agents. Browse with our predefined user-agents or add your own user-agents.