Productivity Tools to Optimise Your Browsing Experience

We do everything online these days: work, rest and play..

Shopping, paying bills, watching movies, listening to music, learning, selling goods and of course keeping in touch with loved ones and friends... the list goes on. With so much time spent online, people’s quest to pack even more in has led to a burgeoning productivity tool market, helping increase our efficiency online.

With the browser being the most frequented ‘window’ into the web, there has been an added focus on achieving more from it and browser extensions makes this possible.

Here are some of the great browser extensions that will give you more functionality to your browser.

1. Evernote – The quintessential note-taking app, Evernote, stands out for its capability to keep track of the things that matter to you. From your daily to-do's, meeting agenda, schedules and diary. What makes it more flexible is that you can also save pictures, record a meeting, tag people and more. Evernote is the most in-demand extension available for most browsers.

2. AdBlock - Who wants to be interrupted by ads over and over again? Thanks to AdBlock – you don’t have to be. No ads also mean faster loading times and more readable content.

3. Pinterest - Keeping an eye on the things you love makes you creative and inspired to do more. With a Pinterest extension in your browser, quickly pinning and sharing hasnever been easier!

4. Pocket – When browsing online you see a lot of great content that you don’t necessarily have the time to read right away. Pocket allows you to save interesting things you see ready to come back to later. No more trying to remember.. what was that again?

5. Ebay – This extension for the world’s most popular selling and buying site gives you real-time updates for your watched items, selling items and buying items. Just log into your ebay account and keep your finger on the pulse!

6.     EditThisCookie - the only cookie editor you will ever need! EditThisCookie is the first and most popular cookie editor for Google Chrome, with over 400,000 users worldwide and over 20 languages available. Clearing cookies hasn't been easier.

7. Twitter - Everything that seems interesting to you is worth sharing (of course others may not agree). Twitter’s extension allows you to share what you're on without copy-pasting hassle from URL to app. And yeah, it's worth a tweet!

8. Fillr - It's a game changing extension that allows you to instantly fill a form that you're in. Fillr is next generation autofill for various partner browsers on your mobile! Accurate, fast and epically awesome! Forget all the bad experiences you've had with autofill and feel the breeze of filling out forms in a snap!