Mobile Form Filling - Is this the future?

Form filling... Autofill... Autocomplete... These words (to some), immediately resonate thoughts of a somewhat clumsy tool that helps you bypass portions of the process of filling out your personal data into webforms when navigating the web on a desktop.

You might have used google autofill, or safari or one of the desktop plugins that are available from Dashlane etc. that continue to put wrong information into more specific fields.

With current trends pushing more and more consumers to mobile when shopping online, there are a few businesses who are thinking ahead of the times and developing autofill for mobile that actually works.

Here is a list and a review of a few of these businesses, their apps and what we thought of their service.

Safari iOS Autofill



Safari AutoFill is a feature in iOS8 that enables you to save and automatically fill out personal information to websites. With Safari AutoFill set up you can enter names, passwords and even credit card details at the touch of the AutoFill button. AutoFill makes online browsing and shopping on the iPhone or iPad a much easier process and speeds up the transaction time when on mobile rapidly, making the process of shopping on mobile much less painful!

Located in Safari Settings under 'Passwords & Autofill' it is readily accessible and will allow you to link your personal information from your contacts. If you don't have yourself in your phone, its ok it will help you sort this out!

Located in Safari Settings under 'Passwords & Autofill' it is readily accessible and will allow you to link your personal information from your contacts. If you don't have yourself in your phone, its ok it will help you sort this out!

With Contact info turned on you can now use AutoFill to fill out information into Safari. Tap on Safari and visit a website such as Amazon. Tap on Sign In (or Sign Up For a New Account) and tap on the Full Name field. Above the on-screen keyboard appears AutoFill, tap this to enter your name from the contacts details. AutoFill also scans the other fields and fills them out accordingly. The fields that Autofill has filled out are highlighted in yellow, be sure to check them before continuing.

Not a bad experience all round, full results are provided below.

Safari Autofill: 3/5 stars.


Dashlane Wallet & Autofill



With a slogan of 'The most accurate and elegant way to autofill forms on the web' you hope you can please the crowds and pull through after headlining with such a bold statement.

Dashlane seamlessly autofills forms with your data, generate strong passwords for new accounts that are automatically saved to your Dashlane account and stores this all encrypted in the cloud.

Having used it on a variety of forms, it works well on all except the clumsy choice of addresses. We tried using billing for one address and residential for another and for some reason the app wouldn't accept two types.

Dashlane Wallet & Autofill: 3.5/5 stars.


Fillr Safari Extension



Talk about timeliness. The team at this new start up titled 'Fillr' have conveniently timed their release of their app with the recent addition of iOS8 extensions.

Their app is designed to plug into Apple's existing browser Safari and seamlessly fill all your information in at the tap of the button.

In BETA phase, we were able to test this nifty little extension out and were pleasantly impressed with the performance, accuracy and customisation when filling forms. Unlike other autofill tools trialled, 'Fillr' allowed us to choose different addresses for different parts of the form, for example different addresses (residential, billing or shipping when the different sections requested them) and it then populated those specific areas with 100% accuracy.

With the benefits of Fillr restricted exclusively to only Safari (at this stage) the company behind it says that as there is more demand, they will be ready to develop the second other popular platforms open up. They also comments that the likes of Google Chrome (and the entire android platform) has had been getting hit with pressures from external parties to add this extension flexibility as a priority.

A very exciting new platform with a somewhat exhilarating experience when used to populate forms with 1 field or 20. To our surprise, the unusual quote on their site - "Fillr will actually makes you want to fill stuff out" actually does ring true - well played Fillr team.

Fillr Safari Extension: 4/5 stars.


Manual Input



(No, its not a app its a benchmark to compare the above apps against!)

Manual is painful and frustrating but we've all put up with it for years on our mobile. Yes, today we are lucky enough to have tools provided to us, but that being said, a large portion of us still do things manually. In our opinion, move out of the dark age and make the shift to something better, quicker that will save you time.

Manual Input: The pits. We hate filling out forms - 0/5 stars.


Autofill Tools - Time Trial

Our team spent a few hours comparing all of the above autofill tools and have presented the graph below as the findings and total times to complete the same form with the above autofill tools.

The results are comprehensive and speak for themselves...

a. Manual input sucks.
b. Fillr (for a newbie to the scene) did quite well, iOS autofill tool is also really reliable across these popular checkouts.

Time spent filling out each form