One of our favourite mobile browsers!

Mobile browsing is one of the basic perks that a user gets when they have their smart devices. A vast and infinite domain of information, entertainment, news, and stories – all of these can be accessed with a only few swipes and taps.

Nowadays, most browsers have the feature to not keep the data/information of any website or just for the sake of a users anonymity. The said feature is called 'incognito mode'. Having the option of switching from a regular tab to a private/incognito mode allows users to surf the web without saving any information.

  • History
  • Cookies
  • Recently filled web forms      
  • Search entries
  • Temporary files

The above is kept during the browsing period and will be completely removed once a user closes the tab. This feature will help users save up a couple of megabytes worth of space in their smart devices since nothing from the incognito browsing session will be saved.

The thing with Private Browsing is that users tend to forget to use it or it takes a few steps just to pull it up. So here at Browserbeat we looked for a few options and we have found something that you guys may want to check out.

It is called the Stealth Browser and it is available and built for Android devices.

The UI looks really good it’s neat and simplistic, and the interface is so straight forward that both power users and casual users can appreciate it.   It has the basic bells and whistles such as bookmarks, additional tabs, and the easy share button to instantly post it to any of media portal.

Usability wise, the buttons and menus are really easy to access. Tabs and bookmarks can be accessed by swiping the screen. The menu can be accessed by tapping the option button on the upper right hand corner of the browser. It also includes one of our personal favorites – The Reader Mode. These features are useful especially if users would want to do a quick browsing session.

The Stealth browser also comes with an ad free environment so that users can surf the web without getting redirected to internet ads.

It also offers a non-incognito options by setting up a non-incognito tab! It’s a fun and effective twist for users since the process of going into a regular tab is the same as going to an incognito tab with regular browsers.

The Stealth Browser also has an integrated auto-fill function from the Fillr team. This is a must try for shoppers who prefers to shop without saving any information on any cloud servers.

One of the best features of the Stealth browser is that it’s a default incognito browser. Users won’t need to worry about any excess chunks of data that normally gets saved on standard browsers. Which is quite a life (memory) saver if you would want to keep your device clean from unnecessary data gunk.

Memory consumption is less compared to mainstream browser. Opening up multiple tabs won’t affect the browsing experience since it's quite fast.

The Stealth browser is a keeper for people who always want to be anonymous, and for people who loves a clean user interface. The browser is lag free even under stress, it won’t keep unnecessary internet data, and users can open up a private browsing session in an instant.